Edible Review: Apple Chews by Bloomology

BLOOMOLOGY 300mg Chews

Brand: Bloomology

Bloomology Apple Chews Review

Bloomology are relatively new edibles on the island and the guys @seflavourskitchen @greenfingerproductions have made an awesome job with this brand so far.

First of the branding is simple but effective and eye catching. In my opinion it gives a very classy and aesthetically pleasing finish to the product.

Inside the jar are 5 x 60mg chews and for this review I will take the full packet.

The flavour is sharp and instantly. I am impressed with the slightly sour apple flavour combined with a small taste of the extract inside.

The effects were quite fast to set in and the warm flush and pressure in the cheeks started after about 30 minutes. The high was quite intense and giggly for the first hours and then this seemed to mellow and become more relaxing as time went by.

Certainly not a knockout edible however I do have a high tolerance when It comes to THC in general. These chews do still pack a punch and if you are new to edibles I would recommend taking a smaller dose to begin with..

Thanks again to @_bloomology for the chews, keep doing what you doing!




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