Strain Review: Bird of Fire by The Italian Artisan


Lineage/Genetics: GMO x Breathwork

Original Breeder: Gage Green Genetics

Grower: The Italian Artisan

Bird of Fire Strain Review

Bred by @gagegreengroup

Grown and selected by @the_italian_artisan

The GMO in the genetics are what drew my attention to this strain and soon as my friend opened the jar my mind was made up. The flavours were very GMO dominant initially and then this gassy stench seemed to soften and become more sweet when the bud is ground. very interesting and unique terpene profile mixing the initial, intoxicating profile of the gmo with sweeter undertones I’m guessing from the mendo breath.

The buds are dense and thick with shiny crystal trichomes. The contrast of deep minty greens and lighter lime colours and the burned orange pistils make this a beautiful looking flower.

A nice bowl full of this strain is smooth and sweet on the inhale with a sour gassy exhale. Leaving me with a delightful sweet terpy after breath that blend with the chemmy gmo terps perfectly for some time afterwards.

The high is slow to set in and the first thing I noticed was the appetite enhancing effects and then a mellow and sociable high.

Thanks to @the_italian_artisan for the fire once again

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