Strain Review: Silky Gelato by Mount Burnin Farms

Silky Gelato (Genetics TBD) from @mountburnin415 @mountburninfarms @don_merfoz_exoticz via @fritz_philly

Lineage/Genetics: Unknown

Original Breeder: Don Merfox Exoticz

Grower: Mount Burnin Farms

Silky Gelato Strain Review

Interesting sweet notes right off the rip! Doughy, baddery, light sugar like sweetness. I was a huge fan of the bud just off the scent. As I smoked the Silky Gelato, I noticed a very nice sweet gassy gelato flavor along with that badder taste from the smell I mentioned. It was also sort of hazelnut-ty /sweet at times. I think the name was very suitable as breaking these buds down and rolling/packing them up was a breeze. The cure was perfect giving me a breathing play-doh sort of texture.

The bud would move around and expand as I placed it in the paper, and form easily into shape as I rolled it. The effects from the Silky Gelato were interesting because it is very rare that a strain quickly starts to wear me out and makes me have to take a seat. I absolutely loved it and the overall smoking process to get these effects is a treat. I am interested in trying more from Don Merfos and the Mount Burnin camp in the future.

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