Edible Review: Watermelon Smash/Summer Peach Gummies by Incredibles

Holding on to these Watermelon Smash and Summer Peach @iloveincredibles Incredible gummies is like holding on to a bit of summer!

Brand: Incredibles

Incredibles Cannabis Infused Gummies Review

I must say, gummies are my fave kind of edibles! Something about being able to pop a few and know that in an hour I’ll be chillaxed, makes me so happy.

When I started consuming, 5mg was a perfect dose for a good social time. Over the years that evolved into 10mg. Now, after getting into concentrates and more potent flower, my dose is ~20-30mg. I get DMs from people saying their dose is too low and IMHO, there is no such thing. Your dose is personal and there’s no universally correct dose. So, take the dose that works for you and ride your own 🌊wave🌊!

What’s your favorite kind of edible?
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