Garlic Breath Hash Rosin Badder by Bo’s Nose Knows

This BNK x Indigo Gardens Garlic Breath (GMO x Mendo Breath) hash rosin badder has an earthy garlic gas smell to it 😋 It’s light but nice.

Lineage/Genetics: GMO x Mendo Breath

Grower/Processor: Indigo Gardens/Bo’s Nose Knows

Delivered By: The Potland

The badder is a bit dry and has a very light color to it.

The flavor was light earthy garlic gas 🌱🧄⛽ that tingles my nose when dabbing. The high was stoney and full body with some couch lock. This one was kind of average for me. Not bad just nothing special. Effects were a little lacking.

Made 8/6/21

Tested 8/13/21 Green Leaf Lab

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