Purple Boba by JD Grown

This Purple Boba (SFVOG x Grand Daddy Purp) bred and grown by JD Grown has a loud sweet floral berry profile 🍇🌺🫐 It kinda reminded me of Blackberry Kush with some floral citrus notes added in.

Lineage/Genetics: SFVOG x Grand Daddy Purp

Original Breeder: JD Grown

Grower: JD Grown

Purple Boba Review

The nugs are beautiful 🤩 dense and frosty with purple spots throughout.

The flavor was strong mixed berry when vaping and it also had some nice floral citrus notes 🍇🫐🍋🌺 The vapor was thick with long lasting flavor 👌🏼 The high was stoney and sedating 😴 Even though the Purple Boba isn’t my personal preference as far as profiles, I can appreciate it’s some high quality smoke with great nose and flavor 👍🏼

Harvested August 2021

Natural Remedies
PDX Weedz

This review was done for JD Grown

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