Strain Review: Florida Grapes by JD Grown

This Florida Grapes (Triangle Kush x Granddaddy Purple) by JD Grown has a kinda funky earthy citrus smell to it. It’s light but when you break up the buds it’s got a stronger smell inside. Nugs are dense and pretty frosted.

Lineage/Genetics: Triangle Kush x Granddaddy Purple

Grower: JD Grown

Florida Grapes Strain Review

The flavor is sorta sweet funky citrus earth 🍋🌱 I like the profile it’s just a bit light for me. The vapor had medium thickness and lasted a decent amount of time. The high was stoney in my head and provided some body relief but it was kinda light overall. The Florida Grapes was a bit of a miss for me. It was just kinda lacking in nose/flavor and effects, especially compared to the other strains I’ve tried from JD Grown.

Harvested August 2021

Natural Remedies
PDX Weedz

This review was done for JD Grown

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