Strain Review: Gool Aid Blue Burstz by Gus’s Real Exotics & Tiki Madman


Gool Aid Blue Burstz, by Gus’s Real Exotics & Tiki Madman

Oh YEAH! We’re bringing the heat to this upcoming winter with the heat coming from Gus’s Real Exotics and Tiki Madman! Just off the first site, the bag appeal never fails to amaze once again. Today we’re smoking on Gool Aid Blue Burstz (Blue Flame)! First impression, I was a bit thrown off by the Blue, because I’m not used to smoking anything with the name Blue. But I know most of the fire that Gus & Tiki bring to the streets, never fail to miss, and I mean who doesn’t love a good nostalgia feel with the look of the bag? Peep out the insights on this strain, and stock up on it as soon as you can, good fire stays around for so long…

On the inside of the bag, we have the infamous Gool-aid Man!

Bred by: Gus’s Real Exotics (@gusrealmfknexotics) & Tiki Madman (@tikiman_affiliate)

Grown by: Regency Specialties

Genetics: Blue Gushers (Triangle Kush x Gelato #41)

Taste: 9.5/10; The Gool Aid was something I was not expecting. Anything from Tiki Madman in partnership with Gus is always a straight up winner. Nothing but heat! The gelato flavor in addition to the fruity exhale is a chef’s kiss. This strain has definitely smoked its way up to my Top 3. Anything that usually is named Blue in some reference, I can taste it. With this strain, the gelato and that Blue flavor, is quite the pairing. It has a perfect balance between an earthy and sweet taste, being a great couch-lock.

Smoke: 10/10; Upon the first light, I felt an instant choker. This is some really good shit. You can’t smoke this first because you’re gonna prefer it instantly, and be as relaxed as can be. How it breaks down is not too dense, too light, and breaks down perfectly and holds shape to whatever you may smoke. It has a softer breakdown in comparison to a lot of the strains I’ve smoked. Be on the lookout for some more new heat, as I can tell you, these flavors are coming out of this world!

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