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Hash Review: Peanut Brittle Rosin by Brave Hearts Private Reserve

Peanut Brittle (PBB x Platinum GSC) by @bravehearts_pr ✨ Peanut Brittle (PBB x PGSC) by @threeflavorsfarms ✨ Lineage/Genetics: Peanut Butter Breath x Platinum GSC Original Breeder: Unknown Grower: Three Flavors Farms Processor: Brave Hearts Terpene Profile: Unknown

Peanut Brittle Hash Rosin Review

peanut brittle 70u hash rosin by brave hearts private reserve hash review by pnw_chronic The Peanut Brittle is an aesthetically alluring, 70-119u hash rosin that’s been cold cured. The concentrate exhibits a golden-beige color tone, a viscous, cookie dough-like texture, and a thoroughly saturated exterior. Macros highlight a surface area that’s teeming with crystalized cannabinoid structures all coalesced into one unified batter 🍯 The Peanut Brittle has a nose that’s incredibly rich and funky. The concentrate exudes a peanut and sweet-earth fragrance complimented by a churning undertone of umami and roasted diesel. It’s a complex, funk-forward fragrance that manages to be gassy, creamy, savory, and sweet all at the same time. The scent is reminiscent of peanut butter flavored cliff bars if they were dunked in unleaded gasoline 🥜 The flavor on the Peanut Brittle is just as exquisite as the nose. It has a robust, peanut butter-dominant inhale with an exhale that’s decidedly gassy. The profile has this funky, borderline skunky air to it, along with a small splash of sweetness that provides confectionary contrast. Magnitudes of raunch and savoriness surge across the taste buds on each dab, coalescing into a virtual festival of funk that overtakes the palette ⛽️ Peanut Brittle has a remarkably prominent effect. It’s a powerful cognitive and physical high that invokes vice-grip like forehead pressure, drooping eye lids, and an overall feeling of physical weightiness and relaxation. The concentrate burns clean, vaporizing into smooth, satisfying hits and leaving behind a minuscule amount of residue that’s easily q-tipped up 😶‍🌫️ All in all, the Peanut Brittle is a stellar cultivar. It’s a drool-inducing, stomach rumbling strain that’s potent enough to pacify a polar bear in even the lowest quantities. This is a certified heavy hitter that is sure to satisfy fans of gas and funk. Shout out to Braveheart for smashing his first drop on the rec market, this is phenomenal work 🔥 peanut brittle 70u hash rosin by brave hearts private reserve hash review by pnw_chronic 2
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Check out more reviews by @pnw_chronic on Instagram! (www.instagram.com/pnw_chronic)

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