Strain Review: Peanut Butter Breath by Catalyst Farms

Its time to talk about one of my absolute favorite cultivars I only discovered earlier this year.

Lineage/Genetics: Do-si-dos x Mendo Breath F2

Original Breeder: ThugPug Genetics

Grower: Catalyst Farms

Peanut Butter Breath Strain Review

peanut butter breath by catalyst farms strain review by fullspectrumconnoisseur 2Peanut butter breath 🥜 is something I always need in my jar. At 19% THC and a very unique menu item. It has an amazing earthy aroma and soft cocoa flavor. You can smell the woods lingering in the after taste. It totally different from the gassy kush and skunky experience you get from most popular strains now.

It is well balanced I felt relaxation in my shoulders and focus in the mind. Something perfect for someone like me who enjoys being artistically creative.

@catalyst_farms you did a great job with this bad boy and I have been a fan of the strain ever since. 🙌🏽

It may not be the crazy insane exotic flower the culture is chasing now, but I love it for all that it is.
Peanut butter breath gets a humble beast score of 8/10. 🥇
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