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Strain Review: Pink Bubblegum by East Mill Creak Farms (PEAK)

Pink Bubblegum 🍬 info Lineage/Genetics: Indiana Bubblegum x Pink 2.0 Original Breeder: Mosca Seeds Grower: East Mill Creek Farms Distributor: PEAK Dispensary: Canna Culture

Pink Bubblegum Strain Review

Indica Dominant (65/35) Hybid Cannabis . 19.34% THC 0.28% CBD . @peakdistro @miah_peakdist Breeder- @mosca_negra @eastmillcreekfarms @upliftcannabiscoop @jayworthy142 @cannaculturesanjose @westcoastsmokeshow @zz_wicked_design . 🍬Light mint green, denser, cone shaped colas, forming medium and large nugs up bright, lime, thick stems with a sticky layer of sugary trichomes that give the flower a dusty glow complimented by short, thin, vivid , light pinkish amber pistils. . Aroma😤 Sweet ,Fruity, Strawberry, Bubblegum, earth, pine. Smooth medium smoke that youll quickly feel in you mind and body. 💯Long lasting flavor and effects. Youll taste a super sweet berry flavor reminiscent of your favorite bubble gum as child and I cant help but think of the super chewy Hubba Bubba and Double Bubble brands😂 An exalting body high that also uplifts your spirits great for relaxing days to kick back and appreciate life. The euphoria starts in your head and invades your brain creating a serene blissfulness, the same feeling you got as a child when you finally got a piece of your favorite candy. The euphoria eventually settles into your body leaving you happily couchlocked, pain and stress free but active enough for some fun convos or to dive into your favorite shows etc with a handful of your favorite munchies . 🔥Effects🔥 Stress relief, pain and ache relief, euphoric, appetite inducer, energy -Check Out @theghettotreeconnoisseur for PEAKWEEK
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