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Hash Review: Tallymon 19 Rosin by Helios Hash

Tallymon19 @helios_hash Lineage/Genetics: (Banana OG X Dosido) x Papaya Original Breeder: Archive Seeds Processor: Helios Hash Terpene Profile: Unknown

Tallymon 19 Rosin Review

tallymon 19 rosin by helios hash hash review by cali_bud_reviews Continuing through this lengthy backlog of reviews, we have more imported hash coming out of the NE- this time being Helios’s production of Tallymon- a genetic staple in the hash scene courtesy of archive seeds @dammit__bobby_ . The jar opens to show a bulbous scoop of swollen cold cure rosin, golden & white in color w/ that excessively fatty, squishy, brainy surface texture, that’s soaked in shiny clear coated terp juices that puddle between the gaps & the side wall. Mashing the rosin reveals a chunky blubbery jammy mashed potato consistency that settles into a moist goopy budder that spreads out w/ a creamy cake batter like texture. The nose was especially loud, leading w/ primary dominance of sweet tropical banana candy that has an orange, peach, mango, papaya tropical citrus herbal hazey fruit funk backend while a bold fumey burnt chem diesel adds pungent power to the aroma profile. The papaya part of the profile leads w/ the fruity diced pineapple/peach fruit salad syrup terps, w/ only a pinch of the pungent fermented foot funk behind its juicy fruits, orange citrus haze & herbal spicey overtones. The banana part of the profile has a deep, bold, creamy banana foster bourbon note in addition to its sweet tropical banana candy forefront. The Gassy part of the profile is hefty w/ burnt skunk, sour dank lemon fuel, & that fumey southern chem diesel that wraps everything together perfectly. The vapor is intense w/ flavor & gas power. The powerful mouth coat & lung expansion was highly preferred. The sweet tropical banana candy sets the primary vapor flavor w/ the diced peaches & pineapple papaya fermented fruit funk adding a nice (semi-raunchy) hazey herbal spicey orange citrus fuel finish to the sweet, tropical banana profile. The inhale is powered by the skunky southern-chem dosi-diesel, sour dank lemon fuel, & was intensified by a zesty lime salt that caught me by surprise- Creating a clean, tasty, powerful session that was mostly smooth. OA Satisfaction: 9.59/10 The first jar I had finished too quickly, before taking notes, sending me back for another one right after- which to me is a significant sign that something is special. The creamy banana candy dominant profile with its sweet tropical smoothie delivery is perfectly combined with the red/orange fruits herbal/skunky/tropical citrus haze with its peachy-papaya-pineapple fruit funk finish. The terps are sweet, tropical, gassy, funky, creamy & hazey. The vapor was really clean, and mostly smooth, providing thick clouds for 1:40 at 490 max vapor on the 3dxl and cashing out to a darker reddish brown syrupy residue that cleans up with 2 qtips. The vapor had lots of complexes gases, citruses, & hazes, giving it a standard amount of pungency on the throat- but the cleanliness & smoothness is totally dominant in the session; backed by major flavor & heavy gas power. The rosin was beautiful, hitting my cold cure preferences to the T with its chunky fatty blubbery bulbous structure and its juicy mashed potato badder tech break down that settles into a squishy brainy semi-saucy goopy mass. The effects hit pretty hard, with a powerful Stoney relaxation, & euphoric intoxication. The mind is flows freely, but has a massive head pressure that leads to a nice low-eye head band buzz w/ semi-sedation for about 3hrs. All around this hash was high quality, highly preferred, & performed well! Another Excellent job by Helios & a big shout out to @dabndip710 for helping to make this review possible. NFSOT! 21+ Only! Consistencies= Slide 10 #calibudreviews #thehighestcriticpages #helioshash #tallymon tallymon 19 rosin by helios hash hash review by cali_bud_reviews 2.jpg
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Check out more reviews by @cali_bud_reviews on Instagram ( and YouTube (!

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