Rolling Review: Banana Leaf Wrapped Cannagar

My latest labor of love: 40 gauge Cannagar wrapped in a gram each of Lavender Kush and Mango Kush shatter and a banana leaf.

Banana Leaf Wrapped Cannagar Review

Took me a long time to figure out how to dry and roll a fresh banana leaf, there is seriously like no information available on how to do this on your own. 4/20 is gonna be a good day.

banana leaf wrapped cannagar king's kush wrapped in lavender kush and mango kush shatter by pdxstoneman

banana leaf wrapped cannagar minus the leaf rolling review by pdxstoneman

banana leaf wrapped cannagar wrapped up and ready for curing by pdxstoneman

Press is by @cannagarsolutions, flower is King’s Kush from @medigreencollective. Bud is a great value with really good taste and a relaxed, euphoric high.

Curing a Banana Leaf Wrapped Cannagar

Here’s a little picture of the curing process for my lovely lady. They say to do it in a jar, but I didn’t have one big enough. When God closes a door, he cuts open a two liter bottle and does his best, though.

banana leaf wrapped cannagar curing process by pdxstoneman


Cheetah print tape because everything is sexier in cheetah print.

Smoking a Banana Leaf Wrapped Cannagar

I put in so much work just pressing this thing, but the real work was deciding on and actually creating the wrap. She burned for two and a half hours, and it was worth every little bit of effort. I’m really happy to be able to share this with anyone that sees it, I’m so proud.smoking banana leaf wrapped cannagar on 420 by pdxstoneman

Happy holiday!


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