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Strain Review: 120 Day Haze by Tiki7590

120 Day Haze Lineage/Genetics: Unknown Origianl Breeder: Unknown Grower: Tiki7590 Terpene Profile: Unknown

120 Day Haze Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

Rating: 9.2/10 Piff? Yes Batch Date: April 10th 2023 (super fresh) 120 day haze by tiki7590 strain review by hazeandsour 2   This green haze brought to you by my cuban brother @tiki7590 & the Cubanos who grow it in Florida is a good old classic type of piff haze. The smell & taste is that classic straight chemical terps. Smells & taste like you are smoking cleaning supplies. That doesnt sound too appealing if you are not a haze lover but if you love this type of haze, that is music to your ears. Before I found it, I was specifically looking for this type of haze because everyone else has all the other types of classic hazes that I used to smoke back in the day except for the green haze, so was I glad I found it. The Green Piff is what we used to call it. Back in the day we didnt want that brown we wanted the green. But that was just us, there were plenty of people who did want the brown & who still do love the brown. This haze is straight sativa high, the type u can smoke in the morning as your wake me up. Although it is pretty smooth since it is Haze, it is also a very potent smoking Haze, you can feel the sativa uplifting energetic wake me up type tingly haze high hitting you right away after a few hits. This is the most potent out of all the hazes for me, I dont know wtf is up with it but it hits me quick. Maybe its from the 120 days but what do I know 🤷🏻‍♂️? Sativa lovers, this is your dream high, you can smoke it all day & it will get you nice every time. My boy who only smokes sativa sour diesel loves it. If you love green piff like me, these fat structured, green frosted beautiful haze buds are for you. When it comes to Haze, everyone has a different preference & type that they like & remember that triggers those nostalgic memories, this definitely triggered a lot of those for me. If it was purely up to me, I would give this Haze a higher grade but when I do these scores I do take account that not everyone has the same preference & some wont like this type of haze, they prefer the brown haze & some will love it like me. I dont think we will be seeing the old mid ’00s Purè anytime soon. Lets stop always comparing Haze to the old days & be grateful for the piff we have now, 1 day it may be gone too
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Piff & Dour
From New York
Haze & Sour Diesel Connoisseur
Constantly on the hunt for the best Haze & Sour Diesel
I'll let you know if its piff

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Piff & Dour From New York Haze & Sour Diesel Connoisseur Constantly on the hunt for the best Haze & Sour Diesel I'll let you know if its piff

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