Strain Review: 503 WiFi by LOWD

Instagram decided to delete some of my more mediocre content for hate speech and graphic violence. In response, I will be posting some graphically fire content. Dumb ass algorithm can munch my butt.

That intro probably sounded way better in my head, but 503 WiFi will do that to ya. It was my least favorite of the three samples I got from @thelowd, but that’s no real indictment on the quality.

Lineage/Genetics: White Fire OG

Original Breeder: LOWD

Grower: LOWD

503 WiFi Strain Review

The high was a nice throwback to the WiFi I used to get at @thc.pdx back in the day. Body load was present but not overwhelming. The headspace is where this stuff really shines. Euphoric and giggly with that mind expansive quality I appreciate. It also had a notable “warmth” to it. If you’ve seen the “Mr. Medicinal” episode of “The Boondocks”, I’d honestly compare the high to that.

The smell is a hard one to put my finger on specifically. It’s savory from some angles, sour from others. I’ve gotten citrusy lemon, lime, and tangerine along with cheese and soy sauce. Shit is weird. I dig it, but I liked the overall terps on the Cake Mints better.

Like I said, this was the least exciting one to me, but I’m also still smoking it regularly. It’s been my go to for video games lately. Messes with my coordination on FIFA, but it’s great for Fallout or Yakuza. @thc.pdx just started carrying these guys, and they’re where I’d recommend you look if you’re medical. They’re the best deal I’ve been able to find. I think some farms are frankly overvaluing their product these days, but I think 40 for the eighth is more than reasonable for product of this quality with this level of care.

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