Strain Review: 92 OG by Grow Sciences

92 OG (phenotype of OG Kush) from @growsciences

Lineage/Genetics: OG Kush

Original Breeder: The Bank Cannabis Genetics

Grower: Grow Sciences

Dispensary: Sticky Saguaro

92 OG Strain Review

This is the other stain I got for my ftp @azstickysaguaro and this stuff screams old school OG. The giant nug, the ridiculous trichome production and cant forget those gorgeous orange hairs. The bag appeal on this to me is like a 15/10, these are my favorite kind of nugs to have in my jar and no purple strain could make me change my mind😂

The only downside was it came out the jar a little on the dry side just like the Kosher did but my humidity pack helped out tremendously so i’m not going to make it too big of a deal.

So like I said before the appearance of this bud is no question top shelf. I can’t express enough how much I love the bright greens and oranges and who doesn’t love an excessive amount of trichomes?🤤

The smell on this however is where it lacked the most i’d have to say. Don’t get me wrong it had that gassy punch to it when I popped the top, just more on the milder side. Although once I grinded the flower up, very pungent aromas of pine, gas, and spice filled my room rapidly🔥

The flavor isn’t straight gasoline like you would think but more of a mix of all three of the terpenes. Don’t be fooled however, this strain has that lunch punch like a mofo and will have you coughing for a minute or two if you underestimate it🤣

The looks on this flower definitely match its effects because damn this stuff hit harder than Bobby Boucher😴

Brought back that classic feeling of when you first started smoking😤 Straight to the brain damn near instantly and made my head super spacey and forgetful😂

Not even 30 seconds later feels like you just drank a whole bottle of nyquil because your eyes will feel like 10 lb dumbbells. And expect to feel that couch lock set in way sooner than usual because after my first hit, my ass was glued to the chair with an extreme amount of relaxation💆🏽

I highly recommend this strain for any type of pain or anxiety, the effects will melt away any pain physically or mentally while leaving you clear minded and happy! The effects also stick around for a bit so have a soft blanket and some snacks ready while you enjoy your ride😎 Will definitely be on the lookout for this one again👀🔥

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Check out more reviews by @slumpysmokes on Instagram! (

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