Strain Review: Biscotti by Rain Treez

Biscotti / 🥜🍪

Lineage/Genetics: Motorbreath 15Gelato 41


Grower: Rain Treez

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Rain Treez Biscotti Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

biscotti by rain treez strain review by thebudstudioGood afternoon to all you beautiful stoners out there! I hope everyones week is going well so far and that you’re all staying blessed and baked ✌🏻 Today we have an incredibly popular strain that I’m sure you’ve all enjoyed at some point in one way or another… I’m talking of course about ‘Biscotti’. This particular batch was provided by the legend that is @rain_treez 🙌🏻 I actually copped this batch last year, so this review has been a long time coming! 😅

This dank and delicious Indica-dominant hybrid was originally bred by @cookiessf co-founders @berner415 and Jigga, and has taken the cannabis scene by storm ever since. This strain is as popular as the best of them, and for good reason too – the aroma and flavour of this flower have become some of the most desired in the game without a doubt. This stuff was giving me mad buttery terps straight out the jar, combined with nutty notes as well as a herbal edge 🌱

Beneath this thick and flavourful bouquet of notes was an underlying hint of Earthy gas, rounding it all off on the nose nicely. All of these characteristics became more defined and vibrant as I broke the dense, colourful nugs apart to grind up. Once rolled up and ready to spark, a few dry pulls on this stuff gave me a mouthful of flavour 🤤 Not only could I pick up on the abovementioned notes quite clearly, but I also came to find a prominent note of sweet cookies 🍪

After lighting her up and taking a few tokes I continued to get that same sweet flavour of cookies, however by this point those underlying notes of gas made their way to the top. These notes combined together to create a deliciously moreish flavour profile, so it’s no surprise that this particular strain has been used to create so many other wonderful flavours out there today! As for the effects, this strain comes in with an average THC percentage of around 25% – so she’s not for the amateur smokers that’s for sure!

The initial effects were very head-heavy; leaving me unfocused with a sense of euphoria and a general uplifting of my mood. After the main cerebral buzz calmed down, it began to develop nicely into a relaxing body high – leaving me ready for a chill evening on the sofa. This is no heavy couch-lock it puts you in, mind you, but it certainly is an experience best left for the evening sessions.
Overall, I needn’t say much more about this one; she’s a modern-day classic for a reason. Be that reason based on it’s incredible aroma, tasty flavour or powerful effects – she’ll have you satisfied by ticking those boxes across the board 👏🏻 This one was yet another absolute bit of fire from the great @rain_treez 🙌🏻🔥

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