Strain Review: Sherbacio (Sunset Sherbert x Gelato #41)

By @alienlabs
Gifted by @Aetosdiosvip

Lineage/Genetics: Sunset Sherbert x Gelato #41

Original Breeder: Alien Labs

Sherbacio Strain Review

Appearance – Upon opening the jar you are greeted with a beautiful work of art, these dense full perfectly manicured round edged nugs with red werewolf like hairs that are scattered around this decadent flower. The greens fade in and out from dark to light, this particular jar was cultivated 5/27/19 and the buds were fluffy but slighty dry, I cracked the juicy mouthwatering nug open and to my delight light green and bursts of purple. Upon using the grinder it was just mass amounts of purple and very little green color mixed in.

Smell – In the jar my sense of smell recieved flavor that lit my tastebuds up, a sweet sugar cookie scent with a slight hint of pepper that than drifts into a vanilla earthy purple scent, Once ground up a sweet earthy musk makes your mouth water one last time.

Taste – I went with the @disbenguise bubbler for this sesh, as the smoke took off into my lungs like a rocket I got tastes of a slight gassy sweet treat, the hit went down very smooth little to no choke at all,upon the exhale I was hit with flavors of a smooth sweet earthy peppery taste.

Effects – It was about two snaps in and I could feel the buzz creeping up,I feel the positive energy in my head filling up like a hot air ballon, by 3 rips it was all head high at first… After about 10 mins I feel my shoulders relax and i started to catch myself staring into space and as time went by I felt everything just go mellow as the indica set in strong.

This Indica dominant hybrid is quite a creeper and the stone will smack you out of nowhere and leave you stumbling for a bed,novice smokers take it easy and let it soak in, pro tokers grab your favorite smoking apparatus and get abducted.

I give this strain 4.5 stars, I deducted half a star due to the dryness of the flower,everything else was top notch to the extreme.

@alienlabs I have been aducted and I have no problem with it!!!!! Great job guys

Thanks to the man @Aetosdiosvip for this killer gift!!! This strain has been Cannasaurus Rex Approved!!🦖🔥 @luigifarms @frostbrosdmv @district_sticker @greenplanefilms @byrd_extracts_co @shore_extractor



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