Strain Review: Blue Nova by Sundial Cannabis

💙 Sundial’s Blue Nova is a perfect expression of Blue Dream that will take back anybody feeling nostalgic for this classic legacy market cultivar.

Lineage/Genetics: Blue Dream

Original Breeder: Unknown

Grower: Sundial Cannabis

Blue Nova Strain Review

The super popular strain is known for its immediate cerebral uplift assisting creativity and good times. After the initial boost it quickly settles in to a more stoney high that is not quite functional but not at all sedating or debilitating. And all of that is great, but can be found in a myriad of other strains. What makes Blue Dream unique is its accompanying profound body relaxation 😌. It is often used as a daytime option for pain relief.

Sundial’s rendition channels all of these qualities perfectly 💯. As for over all quality, Sundial has clearly stepped up their game. Not shying from complaints about dryness, they delivered some very fresh and fluffy flower. 👶 With a packaged date less than a month prior to purchase and a moisture pack included, every bit of the sugary berry aroma hugged me. I smelt the limonene and myrecene but also what I later looked up to be guaiol. Guaiol does not have any noticeable effects on psychoactivity which is why we get to feel the unadulterated classic haze combo but with a taste much more robust, flowery, and well just like Blue Dream should. The smoke itself was not quite as smooth as some more premium stuff but was still very thick with massive chest expansion. Similarly the trim could have been better but was on par with its price.

Overall this is very hard to beat at its price point of less than $10/g. A perfect expression of a nostalgic strain, noticeably fresh. It has already be come my go to recommendation for a 💰 friendly sativa on a day off. Well done Sundial, nice to see the return. 👏👏


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