Strain Review: Sage N Sour by MTL

🌄 MTL’s Sage N Sour has been the go to wake and bake for myself and many others since it first appeared on OCS what feel like ages ago (the pandy grind is real).

Lineage/Genetics: Sour Diesel x S.A.G.E

Original Breeder: TH Seeds

Grower: MTL

Sage N Sour Strain Review

The strain itself has found a lot of love as an improved version of Sour Diesel 🗽. The famous strain was one of the first to popularize that rush indicative of a citrus forward terp profile. It was crossed with S.A.G.E. which won the 2001 High Times Cup for offering that same feeling while heavily featuring old school Afghani genetics on both sides of its lineage. The result is a sativa that will give heavier users a boost while it may couch lock the uninitiated. 🦍

MTL’s version of the strain is notable in that it features up to 2% CBG (my current bottle is at 1.99%). This is another reason why it is a go to for so many. Similar to CBD, CBG can act as a buffer, prolonging but moderating the THC, and for many alleviating the anxiety experienced with typical “sativa” strains 😌. And it is arguably more effective (as a direct antagonist of the CB1 receptor) at doing so.

So far this is MTL’s only offering and it shows how they are actually committed to their listed core values, which is refreshing to see in a LP. One of these is to “Build a business on genetics that matter”. Starting in hydroponics and then in the designated grower space the founders are clearly actual heads. Another value is to “Be consistent. Consistency is everything when it comes to trust” And this has to be the main reason it is a go to for so many. The cure, nug size, and trim is always, ALWAYS, on point. It is a bit on the dryer side but the terps sing so loud that it is a non-issue. 🎶👃🎶

MTL is a brand that has earned cannasseurs’ trust. I look forward to their future offerings but will continue to always have some of their Sage N Sour on hand.. that is until someone puts out a better wake n bake. 😉



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