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Strain Review: Candy Funk by Doja Exclusive x BackpackBoyz


Lineage/Genetics: LCG x Zkittlez x Guava BX1

Original Breeder: Unknown

Brand: Backpack Boyz x Doja Exclusive

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Candy Funk Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

Pckg: 02/22/23
THC: 34.784% CBD: 0.272%
This collab was highly anticipated; no pun’s intended. Had to give this one a try just off name and merit alone.
The taste on inhale was a musky vibrant taste of fruit terps mixed with gassy candy feels and some subtle sweet and even bittersweet blackberries mixed into it. Great pressure😤😤, nice clean and smooth 💨.
The taste on exhale was more of an evolved runtz with the Z kicking in meeting with some slight candy terps and undertones of some funky gas from the guava.
The head high was moderate, nice heavy eyes with good numbness on Templar lobes. Good balance of the supports and the Stoney vibes coming thru, slight focus with very little to no haze and no couch lock.
Anti anxiety, calming/tranquil mind state and happy mood I’m the cerebral effects.
The body high was very complimentary to the head high moderate in strenuous but longer lasting effects than had anticipated but had its own unique characteristics….continued off where the calming/tranquil kind state into a more developed relaxing feeling throughout neck, shoulders and back. Tension relief, relaxing body feel and slight sedation with some pain relief components.
Taste: 9.5 High: 9.5
Overall: A1+🔥🔥💨💨💚💚💚
This was a close but it wasn’t just about name and notoriety here….the flower actually spoke volumes. Could see this possibly being ever so slightly dialed in but it got the grade it deserved, intriguing terp profile with interesting high and great quality.

#candyfunk #qualityoverquantity #thefloracle #treatyourselfdontcheatyourself

candy funk by doja exclusive x backpack boyz strain review by phenoreviews420
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