Strain Review: Chemhünd from MÜV Florida

Chemhünd from @muv.fl was meh.

Lineage/Genetics: Dogbud aka Chemdog

Original Breeder: Chemdog (the man)

Grower: MÜV Florida

Dispensary: MÜV Florida

Chemhünd Strain Review

chemhund thc percentage by muv florida strain review by indicadamThe crumble of it was good and helped my anxiety and fatigue, but I hadn’t gotten that in over 6 months so when I saw the flower available, I got some. The smell was not there. The medicating effects were there, but not strong enough. Virtually no taste and what taste was there wasn’t very pleasant.

After about 5 bowls of attempting to give this one a chance, I ended up throwing the rest into a couple hemp wraps and smoked it up in a day. I don’t hate Müv. Some of their stuff I enjoyed like the Gogi Margy, GG4, and Sour Jack flower as well as their rosin.

I just don’t know what’s up with this one; if it’s like Müv’s version of Chemdog, but it certainly doesn’t pay homage or do justice to the real deal so I only go to One Plant to get The D🔥

This was just a miss more than a hit🤷‍♂️

THC: 21.99%

CBD: 0.0005%

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