Strain Review: Cherry Diesel by Terrapin Pennsylvania

This is Cherry Diesel. Grown by Terrapin in [email protected]_pa.

Lineage/Genetics: Cherry OG x Turbo Diesel

Original Breeder: MTG Seeds

Grower: Terrapin Pennsylvania

Dispensary: Cure Penn

Cherry Diesel Strain Review

All gas and no brakes for the taste of this strain. A slight cherry does comes through on the exhale, but the diesel shows the most. This strain is the perfect example of how THC only tells part of the story. This Indica dominant hybrid produced a heavy medicated feeling even though it only clocked in at just over 15% THC. The terpenes, the smell and taste of flower, are what makes each strain unique and individual. When looking for a specific effect, look for specific terpenes. Stay tuned, my first video educational will be focusing on specific terpenes and their functions.

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