Strain Review: Cherry Pie by Flavour Chasers

🥧The Cherry Pie strain💙//

THCA 23.8%

Lineage/Genetics: Granddaddy Purple x Durban Poison

Original Breeder: Flavour Chasers


Cherry Pie Strain Review

cherry pie by flavour chasers strain review by _scarletts_strains_ 2INDICA DOMINANT HYBRID

Its a beautiful, dense bud with a lovely floral smell and vibrant orange pistils contrasting its swampy green leaves.

•So when smoking out of a bong, this is way more sedating (than while rolled) and makes you slower because it clouds your mind a bit.

•When rolled up in a joint or blunt, whether it be alone or in a salad it will have that intense relaxing effect, slightly less sedating than it would be in a bong if mixed with a sativa and if mixed with an indica it will be very sedating.

•As a pipe it works quite well for anxiety, its not sedating in moderate quantities but its still potent enough to completely chill you while still keeping you functional.

🍒This strain tends to: -activates muchies-helps with insomnia-slight aphrodisiac effect-couch locking
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