Strain Review: Clockwork Elves by 3C Farms

Brand- @3c.farms

Strain- #clockworkelves

Lineage/Genetics: 3C Indica Flower x 3C Kief

Original Breeder: 3C Farms

Grower: 3C Farms

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Clockwork Elves Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

Rating 8/10
Effects- Heavy head sensation, Forehead sweaty attack, Eyes Pulsating, Body sensation,
Aroma’s- Gassy, Pungent,
Onset- Quick to the head.
Duration- 1 Hr- 30mins
From what I know about this strain the flower is a secret plus there kief ad well but either way you can’t go wrong with this one here, price as high as over Over Eighty Dollars, this one’ here is for this that could afford this and who want a quick and fast onset from one bowl I felt my head heavy and along with the body high and the sweaty feeling to the forehead this one is a fast one so not recommend for the beginners and only keep it to the experience.
Why because after smoking this prepare to just sit in a couch locked mode and people will notice your medicated due to the eyes being low and red, so keep some eye drops handy as this will also cause some dry eyes. The munchies are also high so keep some snacks handy and some water as this will also cause some dry mouth as well. I’m glad I was gifted this by @3cfarms_matt and I can’t thank him enough and tell him that this flower was nice and frosty. From the moment you open the jar your immediately hit with the gassy and pungent aroma that will tell you that this is gonna be a great one. Onset will keep your around 1 and half hour and this will help with some pain and some stress as well.
Smoke this as a bowl itself and also added as topper to my additional flower as well and both are amazing and hit quick.



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