Drinkable Review: 5:1 Seltzer by Tonic Fizz

It’s the 5:1 for me.

I don’t know about you, but my head is not in the game even after a five-day break from work. That’s where this 5:1 CBD:THC Tonic Seltzer comes in.

Brand: Tonic Fizz

5:1 Tonic Fizz Review

This bevvo contains 125mg of CBD and 25mg THC, a ratio I found to be calming and balanced with minimal psychoactivity, even more so than a 1:1. I wondered why this was, so I did some Googles and learned that some researchers found that for CBD to truly balance THC’s psychoactive effects, the ratio needs to be more like a 5:1.

It’s often recommended that new consumers start with 1:1s for a balanced experience. While this may work for seasoned consumers, those new to cannabis might find 1:1s induce more cerebral, stony feelings than they’re ready for. So keep this in mind as you’re exploring new products. In my experience, the potency of THC makes 1:1s hit me harder than THC-only products, so I use them for sleep instead of balance.

How are you staying calm this Monday?
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