Strain Review: Creme Saverz by Cream Team

CREME SAVERZ strain 🎩🔥🍓

Lineage/Genetics: Creamsicle x Daily Driver

Original Breeder: Cream Team

Brand: Joke’s Up

Creme Saverz Strain Review

creme saverz by cream team x joke's up strain review by qsexoticreviews 2Definitely a 10/10 on this one.

Smell Is on point with the candy.

If you’ve ever had it with fat dense buds that break down so easily into a fluff – this is that.

Smooth and long smoke that’s full of strawberries 🍓 and Cream on each puff.

This is one i would highly recommend.

Creme Saverz 10/10 by Saverz Exotics. Flavor pack prolly my favorite strain from this year. Super creme and strawberry 🍓 flavor soon as you open the bag just like the candy 🍬. Light green nugs covered in a sugar frost.

Smoke is so smooth and flavorful you can’t compare it to no other. Really a great strain in my opinion. Strong hitter as well gets you right behind the eyes and relaxes the whole body.

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Check out more reviews by @qsexoticreviews on Instagram! (

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