Strain Review: Formula 1 by Official Gooniez

Formula 1 (Genetics TBD) from @officialgooniez via @fritz_philly Feeling like I stepped into some sort of weird stoner version of the Indy 500 opening this bag.

Lineage/Genetics: Black Lime #9 x Testarossa

Original Breeder: Aficionado Seeds

Grower: Official Gooniez

Dispensary: F.R.I.T.Z.

Formula 1 Strain Review

I smell purple candy like sweetness that is mixed with bits of earthiness, burnt rubber, and petroleum fuel. As I continued sniffing, I also notice that element of cleaning agent/bleach etc that makes my nose hairs stand up. Its hard to determine the exact cross, but definitely a common one. Reminded me a lot of Gushers with a sweet and bright sour fuel. The purple candy in the beginning kinda threw me off,(reminded me of purple punch) but it’s definitely just some Gelato. Interesting smells.

The Formula 1 smoked great. The strong aroma translates over well creating a tasty melange of flavor. I noticed that purple candy flavor as I initially sparked my joint. About half way through the flavor sort of switches and becomes deeper and more bold, sort of like sharpies and bleach. The flavor definitely became a lot stronger toward the end of smoking.

As far as cosmetics go for the Formula 1, I had 1 large 8th bud and from what I saw everything was done pretty well. The trimming could have been tighter, but thats a minor nuance for me. The cure on the nug was nice, sticky, easy to break down and roll up. The effects from the Formula 1 were above average, yet nothing special. I remember feeling sort of stuck, but not sedated or couch locked per se. It was a enjoyable all day strain for the average smoker, who I sadly no longer am. I did feel relaxed and free of anxiety, however with Gelato crosses that has become the baseline. In my personal opinion this is definitely more flavorful than effective for me, however some may feel different. I enjoyed it, but would grab something else from Official Gooniez next time.

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