Strain Review: G Purps by Verano Cannabis

Strain: G Purps

Lineage/Genetics: G6 X Purple Punch

Breeder: Verano

Grower: Verano

Terpene Profile: Limonene

COA: Cannabinoids/Terpenes

G Purps Cannabis Flower Review

  1. Visual 4/5

– Dark and light green purplish buds
– Medium frosting spread throughout
– Small/Medium sized nugs

  1. Smell 4.5/5

– Earthy cherry scent
– Grapes

  1. Taste 4/5

– Grape koolaid inhale
– Cherry earthy exhale
– Earthy citrus aftertaste

  1. Terpene Content 4.5/5

– Limonene .88% (8.8mg)
– Caryophyllene .555% (5.55mg)
– Myrcene .257% (2.57mg)
– Linalool .236% (2.36mg)
– Beta Pinene .163% (1.63mg)
– Humulene .158% (1.58mg)
– Alpha Pinene .131% (1.31mg)
– Bisabolol .102% (1.02mg)
– Ocimene .0899% (.899mg)
– Total terps @ 2.57% (25.719mg)

  1. Effects 4/5

– Happy uplifted feelings to start
– Followed by a slow transfer to some lower body relaxation
– Couch lock

  1. Conclusion 4.2/5

-A great budtender named Eric over at The Fireland Scientific dispensary in Huron convinced me to try out this strain. Very happy that I listened! Perfect bud is great for that evening high with those couch lock effects as well as the giggles makes it sociable just don’t over consume!!! This is definitely a winner y’all, grab this if you see it!



My name is Tyler Baker. The first legal cannabis patient in Lorain County, Ohio.  I have been using cannabis since 2009 to treat my epilepsy, and I have been advocating for cannabis normalization since that time.  Also, I am a brand ambassador for the Cannabis Rewards/Payment company called "Spendr" that was introduced in the state recently. I have a wonderful wife of 8 years, as well as two children together. My passion for cannabis is unshaken, I want everyone to look at this plant as a natural healer that can be beneficial for their wellbeing. Check out more of my reviews at @bakers_420_review on Instagram! (

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