Strain Review: Grandma’s Sunday Sauce by Babybuckettt


Grandma’s Sunday Sauce 🍜🥘

Lineage/Genetics: [Unknown Lineage]

Original Breeder: Babybuckettt

Grower: 12 Alarm Fire x Babybuckettt

Terpene Profile: Unknkown

Grandma’s Sunday Sauce Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

Powered By: @babybuckettt
Cultivated By: @12alarmfire X @babybuckettt

Life in the Carriage Bro! Ok let’s get to this. Grandmas Sunday Sauce, this flower is a bit different than what I’ve smoked of these guys collab. Mostly because the flavors come in sweet, smoky, gassy, and with a sudden aftertaste that’s like the smell of maple wood chips. It’s a separation from the usual Candy-like terps which are hot right now, but man it’s a good smoke. On a dry pull that smoky flavor comes through savory, and the first third through the strike of it, it really starts to lift you up.

Punches you in the chest a small bit which I love, yet still remains a smooth smoke. Halfway through this high get comfortable and focused. You can feel a smacked smile stretch across your face as you enjoy the smoke, and it’s got a slight heaviness that’s enough to sit you down a bit and keep you there. This is another flower that is for your enjoyment periods. Go watch a movie, or play a video game, hell even go on a walk. Overall I loved this smoke, I personally would love if the myrcene of the flower was a slight bit more apparent but like I said, that’s all personal shit, this is thrax.

Dope shit always from the family

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