Strain Review: Green Crack from Trulieve

Green Crack Strain Review

@trulieve_fl does a good job with their green crack, but I was expecting a bit more euphoria with this strain although it is a bit lower in percentage. I picked up the minis for $27 an eighth. A lot of limonene and caryophyllene; smelling like peppercorns and lemons when you take a whiff. It’s good for focusing on tasks and doesn’t make you sleepy so it is a decent sativa to get you through a long day.

@trulieve_fl is always on point with quality consistency although the consistency of their batch percentages haven’t held true to their reputation. Back in June, strains averaged at around 25%, whereas now you’d be lucky to get anything over that. Regardless, they’re hard to beat in terms of customer care and being stocked so long as you get there at open.
Thc: 17.5%

Taste: 7/10
Effects: 7/10
Nose: 9/10

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P.S. I do not, nor will I ever endorse a specific brand, product, company, or entity as I want this to be an unbiased review page. That being said, if a product works wonders for me, I’m definitely going to recommend it. ✌🏼



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