Strain Review: Grenadine by Cookies Enterprises

My friends today I bring you TWO epic reviews. First up is the Grenadine strain🍒

Lineage/Genetics: Miley Cyrus x Kamarando

Original Breeder: Cookies Fam Genetics

Grower: Cookies Enterprises

Grenadine Strain Review

grenadine by cookies enterprises strain review by fullspectrumconnoisseur 2Fire fire fire. Grenadine was so tasty and flavorful and it was so right. 💨

Huge sour cherry terpenes explode on the first hit. Intense floral sensation coats your mouth as you inhale a smoke thats holds its own at 22% THC and will make you respect it 💪🏼! The flavor of the herb is prominent and last throughout the entire pre roll. The effects came quick and left me with an inspired head high that made me feel activated. I loved it 👌🏽.

10/10 for the Grenadine 🥇



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