Strain Review: Ice Cream Man by Compound Genetics

ICE CREAM MAN – Bred by @compound_genetics and Cultivated by @trichome_factory_sp

Lineage/Genetics: Jet Fuel Gelato x Legend Orange Apricot

Original Breeder: Compound Genetics

Grower: Trichome Factory

Dispensary: Station420SC

Ice Cream Man Strain Review

Lime Green, dense buds, completely frosted with icy white trichomes and orange hairs, show its relation to legend orange apricot tremendously, however the sweet, slightly fuely, desert like terpene profile reflects its other Parent Jet fuel Gelato.

When smoking the strain there is an immense flavour explosion with a long lasting, desert like aftertaste. Really really enjoyable and more-ish smoke.

The effects are a fast hitting and a mellow and tranquil experience but also engaging my mind and thoughts at the same time. Great strain for review writing and also great to relax and wind down at the end of the day.

We toured the island for the day and ended up @station420csc and this strain was perfect to end the long adventure thanks again for your hospitality, good vibe and quality flower bro 🙏.. @station420csc @chrisintenerife @ebony_s94 @lareinasativa #thegeordiecannasoir



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