Strain Review: Lillt by Compound Genetics

LILLT (Pheno 1)-  – by @trichome_jungle_seeds and Cultivated by @farmerintheh0le

Lineage/Genetics: Passion Flower x Jungle Kush

Original Breeder: Trichome Jungle Seeds

Grower: Farmer in the Hole

Dispensary: The Green House Tenerife

Lillt Strain Review

The buds very light in colour with lots of thin brown stigmas. Small rugged and fuzzy looking nuggets with a frosting of trichomes covering the surface.

This smells like lillt. Super strong pineapple terps with a complex tropical undertone. I found hints of fresh pine, pepper and a slight spice in the mix. When ground the sharp and intense pineapple candy terps took over my nose and filled the room. Pure #tropical terps and I can’t wait to smoke it..

The smoke was thick and white and the flavours were a burst of smooth tropical flavours on the inhale and the on the exhale the seemed to liven up and become more sharp and juicy on the beach exhale, leaving me with a tropical and refreshing aftertastes.

The effects were tranquil and relaxing but still kept me alert enough to write this review and hold a sensible conversation.

Perfect smoke for a Island life, the refreshing and uplifting flavours mix perfectly with the slightly sedating effects make this the perfect relaxing day time smoke. Don’t make to many plans though. Just chill out!

Thanks to @thegreenhouse_tenerife for sorting me out with this fire.

@trichome_jungle_seeds @trichome_jungle_seed_espana @terps4cheese @farmerintheh0le @caliclubtenerife

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Check out more reviews by @the_originalcannaseur on Instagram! (

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