Strain Review: Jillybean by Flowersmith

I always love trying out new shops and new growers and new strains like Jillybean. I had been noticing signs on my walk home from therapy for @mongoosecannabis on Belmont for a while. Super glad I stopped in. They’re super nice, with a lot of knowledge of their products and a good selection of things you don’t see at every shop in town. Gotta love that mom and pop, natural medicine clinic vibe.

Lineage/Genetics: Space Queen x Orange Velvet (Orange Skunk)

Original Breeder: Subcool’s The Dank (formerly TGA Subcool Seeds)

Grower: Flowersmith

Dispensary: Mongoose Cannabis

Jillybean Strain Review

jillybean thc percentage label by flowersmith strain review by pdxstonemanThis Jillybean is a wonderful, citrusy way to start the day. @flowersmithllc really knocked it out of the park with this batch. Giggly, euphoric high with virtually no stoniness or couch lock. Big citrus flavor with a nice sweetness. Definitely a recommendation to both stop in, and grab this if they still have it.

THC: 18.59%

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