Strain Review: Kush Mints by Blame Canada

Kush Mints- @jewswhoinfuse (assisted)

Nose: Creamy, earthy, piney, sweet, floral
Inhale: Creamy, sweet, musty, minty
Exhale: Musty, piney, sweet

Lineage/Genetics 🧬: Bubba Kush x Animal Mints

Breeder/Bred by: Seed Junky Genetics @beezyblends (seedjunkyjbeezy)

Grower/Cultivated by: Blame Canada @blame_canada

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Kush Mints Strain Review

Good Morning everyone and a happy Friday Jr. to each and all of you. Today I have another review for all of you as we plunge towards the weekend and I thought this was only right after review The Soap on Tuesday. For this one, I will be going over the Kush Mints cultivated by Jewswhoinfuse to kick off a few reviews I will be covering for him. Personally, always have been a fan of Kush Mints and it’s sedative effects so, when I received this, I was a little excited to see what it was going to be like. Given that the GMO that we received from his camp was that damn good I figured I’d get a few more on here before the end of the year. This is another strain in the Seed Junky lineage collection as well as another hit for you mint lovers out there. Let’s waste no more time and get into the facts.

This one was gifted in a small glass mason jar with a black metal lid. When I twisted off the lid a was met with a funky sweet pine smell that also had a bit of creaminess to it as well. Additionally, some earth and floral notes were spotted within the mix. If you took a good whiff, you could get a smell of the mint notes buried within the creamy scent these Kush Mints fed off. The overall nose on this was pungent and was complimented by a few hefty nugs. The density was incredible and produced a little bit of kief when the they were snapped apart. They boasted a mix of bright and forest green shades mixed with spots of dark purple and the trichrome coverage on this was blinding to say the very least. Pointy colas and a healthy amount of packed-in pistils made of the remainder of the structure of this cultivar. The Kush Mints resulted in a pretty decent break up which filled up the joint nicely and produced a fresh and creamy dry pull. As always, I was excited to see what the smoke was going to produce.

Personally, I feel like this cultivar is going to appeal to some smokers and others it may not. I say this not so much because the smoke and taste but more as a result of the high from this. The flavor and gassiness to this will more than likely appeal to most smokers. If you are looking for a clean smoke this cut from Jewswhoinfuse will get you right. Additionally, I believe that his Kush Mints would be suitable for any level of smoker although I feel like beginners may feel a certain level of paranoia. The personal touch this has for me is that it really takes me out of my shell on days I experience increased anxiety. For anyone who experiences anxiety, depression or any mood-related illness this could definitely provide you with a spiritual lift. The smokers this probably will not appeal to are those indica-only ones who tend to stray away from Sativas. Besides, that I thought this was an overall quality offering by Jewswhoinfuse and I will have a couple more up from him in the following week.

When I sparked the Kush Mints in an Organic Raw, I was smacked with a sweet and creamy must. The terps on the inhale were heavy and the minty twist was evident. On the way out, more of a piney and sweet must that matched and compliment the inhale. The flavor on this one was on par which made the hits sneakily gassy. The deeper into the sesh I got I felt a little pressure in the hits that led to some minor coughing. The pulls did level out a little bit towards the end of the joint (about quarter way left). Overall, that creamy and mint flavor followed throughout the sesh which made the smokability on this very enjoyable. The burn on the Kush Mints was solid and resulted in a lighter grey to white ash and was sported with a decent res ring. The joint lasted a good while on this and the comedown was a smooth transition. I was confident that this would produce an upbeat and energetic high.

To no avail, my expectations were met with a cerebral head high and burst of energy. This ended up being a very solid day smoke that was able to lock me in. I felt my overall thinking pattern was more creative than normal and I found myself with the urge to do stuff. Whether this was organizing something around the house or getting some extra work done, the Kush Mints certainly came in handy. The high on this lasted a solid hour and half and there was not a dull moment. I even enjoyed this before going out to a Saturday brunch with some friends and have always noticed that this strain is a good compliment to social activities. All in all, I think the kush Mint resulted a very uptempo high and I wasn’t let down given that my expectations were met.

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Check out more reviews by @toptierterpsma on Instagram! (

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