Cultivar Review: Pancakes from Bad Larry Buds

Pancakes (Gs Cut) – @badlarrybuds

Nose: Sweet maple syrup, tart, musty, berry, fruity, wheat
Inhale: Berries, sweet maple syrup, chem/diesel, citrus, spicy cinnamon
Exhale: Sweet, musty, cakey, cheesy, tangy berries.

Lineage/Genetics 🧬: London Pound Cake x Kush Mintz

Bred by: Seed Junky Genetics Seedjunkyjbeezy (original breeder)

Cultivated by: Undisclosed

Brand: Bad Larry Buds

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Pancakes (G’s Cut) Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

Hey what’s up everyone? I hope you are all well as we jump into Labor Day weekend with some decent weather to come over the next couple days. I’ve been laying off reviews this week to see if this IG shadow ban will offset (or reset) so we shall see. Today, I’m bringing to you Pancakes (G’s cut), a cultivar recently assisted to me from Bad Larry Buds. After liking what I’ve seen from the past few offerings, Bad Larry took it upon himself to go out of his way to hand deliver me a 5g sample of this Pancakes. What a guy! After hearing him rant and rave about this cultivar’s “full package” appeal ahead of time I definitely wanted to give me honest take on it. The grower, in this case, has chosen to remain undisclosed. Originally spawning from the Cookie’s family, featuring a cross of London Pound Cake and Kush Mintz, this cultivar is one of those in which the nose and smoke fully resemble the name if done properly. I’ve only had a chance to try this once in the past (well over a year ago) and, being that I have no recollection how that experience went, I thought this round of Pancakes would refreshen my memory. Let’s waste no more time and get into the facts!

Bad Larry gifted me the Pancakes in a traditional ziplock baggie, consisting of a no-frills presentation. As soon as I opened up the bag, the Pancakes emitted one of the more unique aromas I’ve come across in recent memory. Maple-syrup covered wheat pancakes with notes of blueberries, raspberries giving it both a sweet and sour nose, respectively, at different stages. To say the very least, the appearance on the three cumbersome nugs that made up this sample were astonishing. The trichrome coverage looked as if the Pancakes were drenched in a powdery sugar coating topped over hues of dark purple, indigo, and patches of emerald green.

In some cases, I felt lazy and the urge to rest and, other times, I enjoyed going for stroll through the neighborhood or laying out at the beach. In turn, this made the use of the Pancakes suitable either for day time or night use. I wouldn’t recommend if you have an insanely busy day but I don’t think this effects will completely put you out on your ass in most circumstances. The next hour the effects mellowed out creating a buzzing euphoria that vibrated through my core. All in all, the effects last upwards of 2 hours which provoked a sleepy comedown at times. If you ask me, it was sad to see the joint go on this one although the medicinal effects added a great follow-up to the smoke as well as overall experience.

Having a chance to finally try G’s cut of Pancakes, this cultivar provided a well-desired qualities checking off essentially every box. Consisting of a near flawless presentation, this batch of Pancakes has the potential to capture the interest of pretty much any consumer. To add to that, the nose replicates the nose perfectly giving off autumn vibes, making it a prospective classic as we enter into the fall season. The terp profile as well as the smokability hit my palette well and, I believe, will serve well to those who enjoy a sweet, cinnamon terpy cultivar with loads of berry. Not to mention, I think this has enough range to tap into those smokers who prefer a gassier option. To add the icing on the cake, the medicinal effects were long-lasting equally enhancing both the body and mind. If you are one of those who has been dealing with any type of joint-related illness (like I have been with my knees) this will serve as a decent remedy. Also, if you are one who enjoys happy thoughts and a blissful experience after smoking this will hit the spot. I want to thank Bad Larry for taking the time to go out of his way to get this in my hands. I should have more content from him up here in the near future.

It was though to even make out the darker red pistils considering how mesmerizing the purple color and trichomes met on this cultivar. Upon pressing my fingers onto the smooth, dense surface of the Panckaes I noticed a good amount of kief particles disperse on my rolling tray. As I broke into the nugs, the interior was completely purpled out as well giving off that same exact sweet syrupy aroma with a fuel-like backend. I also noticed the blueberry scent start to linger more at this point. Although this cultivar was moderate sticky, it showed off a fluffier texture when being broken down by hand, preferably. This allowed me to break the buds into bigger chunks which, ultimately, stuck together when filling the joint out making the roll relatively easier than normal. The odor received after breaking them down was a lot edgier, consisting of a pungent blueberry permanent marker (or nail polish) type smell. The dry pull on the joint threw me through a loop as this gave off notes of Apple Cider and tangy peach with a undertones of tart citrus.

When I sparked the Pancakes in an Organic RAW, the initial pulls immediately brought about a mixed berry flavor, giving this cultivar a fruity appeal from the very beginning. Through the first 1/4 of the sesh, I let in gassy notes of floral which soon evaporated into a chem/diesel taste that added pressure to each pull. On the way out, I received the same mixed berry taste felt on the inhale with musty, but cheesy, overtones to compliment. As time went on, I could detect maple notes coming off of the syrup taste although the wheat pancakes I found in the nose was not noticeable in the smoke.

Nearing the halfway point in the sesh, oily terps of sweet and sour, tangy berries added on to those diesel notes which built up slight pressure in my chest. This one put me in the mood for fall also I began pulling in a resemblance of pumpkin, cinnamon spice terps between those musty berry notes. This terp profile was off the charts and the burn on this symbolized a well-done cultivar. Ultimately, this resulted in a bone-white ash with a drippy terp oil ring that stained the joint. My one gripe was that, in some cases, this cultivar did tend to oil up a bit too much making some pulls towards the tail end of the sesh difficult to let in. Still, moving into the final stages the cinnamon terps that developed earlier stated to amplify throwing off a blend of both sweet and spicy terps that ran concurrent to each other. Rounding out the sesh, this left a very appetizing taste of sweet and tangy blueberries on my breath, especially after the joint began to ooze up. Personally, the overall terp profile on the Pancakes was satisfying and one that I would highly recommend after trying. This also packed a fairly hefty punch that led into some desirable medicinal effects.

When I got to the about 3/4 of the way into the sesh, I started to feel the onset of medicinal effects set in by attacking the frontal lobe of brain. This created a slight “drooling effect” as I fought with my thought and lacked a clear perception at first. Within about 20 minutes or so, the strong raciness that developed at first started to balanced out as the Pancakes hit with a full throttle bottle high. Once I regained consciousness within my thoughts, the experience really came together well. I felt as if I were receiving a deep-tissue message within my back, shoulders and neck while, at the same time, my thoughts received a creative spark adding energy. Within 40 minutes to an hour in, this tended to go either one of two ways.

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