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Strain Review: Mega Power Plant by Spliff Seeds

Mega Power Plant ❤ Lineage/Genetics: (Northern Lights x OG Kush) x Power Plant Original Breeder: Spliff Seeds

Mega Power Plant Strain Review

mega power plant by spliff seeds strain review by _scarletts_strains_ 2THC 21.6% Alert awake. Great morning strain. I combined with coffe and im so ready for work. Mind is clear ready and functional. My body doesnt feel heavy. I feel a bit pumped up too (listening to Rizha’s new album also motivates a bit at least for me – Scarlett) a very functional high makes you wanna do a bunch of stuff to be productive. Great for studying because i feel focus and capable. I started smoking with hempwick and i can appreciate the taste of weed so mich more. In the pipe it feels intense toung down your throat and pleasantly smooth when you blow it out. #weedgirls #weed #smokeweedeveryday #weedporn #weedmemes #smoke #girlswhosmoke #smokingfetish #420 #kush #weedblog #weedreview #stoners #stonernation #smoking #weedlife #cannabiscommunity #cannabis #cannabisculture #cannabis #marijuana
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