Strain Review: Motorbreath from Natural Alternatives

Motorbreath (Chemdog x SFV OG) @natural_alternatives_foco

Lineage/Genetics: Chemdog x SFV OG

Original Breeder: Pisces Genetics

Dispensary: Natural Alternatives

Natural Alternatives Motorbreath Strain Review

This strain is like GMO’s twin in a lot of ways. Sometimes I go through bouts where I get a lot of flower and lately has been one of them, this was kinda an impulse pick up. I would tag growers more often but NA carries a handful of different ones at a time and don’t organize it by grower so it’s a gamble unless you ask and remember 😅.

Nonetheless it usually consists of Champion Cannabis, Host, Lipan, Indico, Locol Love, Phresh, tons of others. Most of the time when it’s someone I’ve never heard of it ends up being good weed, and I’m proud that Colorado’s cannabis culture has become as vibrant as it is. This particular batch was dense and its trichome production became increasingly obvious as I stared at it under a light. Smell is just so damn similar to GMO, sweet gravy and feet.

I guess it’s parents both come through heavily in the looks and smell. Breaking it up you could tell it’s cure was proper, though probably like 2.5% drier than I like. The hand trim was precise and didn’t take away from the looks of the bud. It sticks to your fingers and the tackiness it leaves after touching the buds will surely make you have to wash your fingers out of frustration that fabric is getting stuck on your fingers 😂.

The dominant terpenes I could find for this are myrcene, limonene and caryophyllene so again basically GMO’s twin. It’s pretty self explanatory, these 3 terps in tandem are the recipe for the only enjoyable body odor and foot smell on the planet. It’s got a super musky and earthy taste, a little planty. There’s a harshness to the smoke but it’s not alarming, feels like it was just an attribute of the hearty parents.

My first bong bowl of this was what really gave me an impression of it. It’s a rushing feeling that you get in your forehead and eyes but not exactly the same punch as you’d expect from Myrcene. It comes, levels out and stays until your next hit then takes another flight of stairs up, but leveled highs like this make it easy to get to where you wanna be as fast as you want to. It’s great for literally anything, and regulates your moods nicely.

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Check out more reviews by @no.mids on Instagram! (

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