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Strain Review: GMO from Natural Alternatives

GMO 👃🏻 @natural_alternatives_foco (grower unknown) Lineage/Genetics: GSC x Chemdawg Original Breeder: Divine Genetics Dispensary: Natural Alternatives

Natural Alternatives GMO Strain Review

Man I didn’t realize how much bud I’ve been smoking lately until I was like “what am I gonna post?” Sorry if it’s been a longer time between posts than normal but it does take me some time to type these out 😂NA bud has been really the only consistent market for it in Fort Collins since I’ve been 21. Everywhere else either sells good flower for the price of cookies or has terrible flower. The local/smaller grows they sell give small business a little bump. I don’t think any of it can compete with Snax or Cherry but they have a great thing going on GMO is just one of those strains. Everyone knows it, most have had it and you either absolutely hate it or love it and it’s crosses haha. I think it’s come to be my all time favorite strain, though the concentrates are much better than flower after having both finally. I’ll respect anyone who can grow this strain properly because it’s got really odd growth patterns. Breaking these buds up (they were small but proper) was easy and there was little amounts of stems, the smell became a lot sweeter when grinding this up. The dominant terpenes I know that give GMO its famous funk are Myrcene, caryophyllene and limonene typically also in that order. The musky sweet fruit smell ties together with an old peppercorn and wild mushroom scent. I guess it’s also super earthy but that’s a given. This has some harshness to the smoke with bowls especially. I do really think it’s all a part of the strains attributes, harsh as in like some landraces would be. Besides the soft and fluffy structure of the grind, it collected nicely in the bowls and burned black to white. Sometimes I like to watch the hits as it changes it’s chemical makeup with the heat 🤓. GMO has a recognizable happy head fuzz but also can disguise itself in other strains that don’t even have its genetics. It starts with a small nudge behind the eyes and settles into a warm sheet on the top of the head. It was like it made me happier to do the things I was doing and that’s gotta be a lot of caryophyllene (also explains the harshness). GMO is 👑.
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Check out more reviews by @no.mids on Instagram! (

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