Strain Review: Nemesis x Triangle Kush by Nanto Labz

Nemesis x Triangle Kush 🌲🧪🍋🍐⛽️ (sour pheno) by @nantolabz

Lineage/Genetics: Nemesis x Triangle Kush

Original Breeder: Nanto Labz

Grower: Nanto Labz

Nemesis x Triangle Kush Strain Review

Today we have a beautiful example of the phenotypes variability magic power. The nemesis cut is blending with the Triangle Kush in such an unexpected but highly appreciated manner 😍.

Right off the jar I get a sweeeeet skunky piney aroma reminding me of Diesel & Glue strains. The sour pine element turns gluey/chemmy with mouthwatering lemon/pear refreshing undertones & muted gas after the grind. I’m digging this 🥰

The taste is exactly as it smells through the vaporizer where the piney zesty gluey fruity tones comes with accentuated gassiness, it’s more-ish as hell you just can’t stop.

The effects starts with a soaring heady euphoric rush for the first part that quickly intensifies in a more stoney relaxed mind trip & a bit of dreamy vibe. The heaviness stays mostly on the upper body side & head zone, again pointing me in the direction of the Sour/Headbanger/Glue strains range of effects 😉.

This strain is a real surprise for me as I was expecting it to be a straight OG dominant earthy gas/fuel, the nemesis cut has done some magic with its paki/Indian old school influences bringing the skunk/chem component back in full force with amazingly refreshing results 😍

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