Strain Review: Sno Batter by Richie Rich

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Brand: Richie Rich

Strain: SnoBatter

Lineage/Genetics: Purple Grape Pie x Thin Mint Cookies

Original Breeder: Richie Rich (Purple Cake Batter)

Grower: Richie Rich

Dispensary: Lemonnade Sacramento

Sno Batter Strain Review


Comments: So stoked to try a Richie Rich cut and no place had this close by till recently. Very excited.


1. Scent: Cool blueberry notes at first then a bit creamy clean.

2. Appearance: Mix of that old school purple nug with today’s modern frosting. Tons of purple, green and trichomes which are literally everywhere.

3. Nug Structure: Dense yes but easily broken downtown to smoke town. The stem is strong so it’s a good anchor to pick by hand. Grinder would be nice as well.

4. Smoke: Bong load was a bit much on the chest grab. But no cough 2nd bowl onward. Little tickle left on the back of the throat

5. Taste: Notes of purple, cream, little powdered sugar. Super nice on exhale as smooth as I’ve had from anyone.

6. Reaction: 👀 No delay on the body or head. Was stuck for about 10 mins after a first bowl with just no focus or coordination. Not ideal for a daytime smoke.

7. Conclusion: Ima have to copp another jar because this shit is gone now. 😩 Someone commented to me this is just Lava Cake but I tell ya what, this ain’t no lava cake cut I’ve had. Def top shelf and if I could share the smell with you! Man! You would want it too. Props to Sticker Farmer on the fire pkg.

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