Strain Review: Olive Wagyu by The RARE LA

Olive Waygu

By @therarela

Lineage/Genetics: Gushers x Biscotti

Original Breeder: Unknown

Grower: The RARE LA

Olive Wagyu Strain Review

I’m gonna start this off by saying this strain is different!!! The terps on this one were unforgettable and this stuff packed a punch. The taste was immaculate. I got some sort of zkittlez vibes from it but I still haven’t been told the cross just told it was gushers x something, but anything gushers is a go to for me.

The flavor had strong hazelnut vibes with a slight light taste that was almost unexplainable. This was a big one for me cause I was able to try it before it’s official release and I must say once this comes out in dispos I know y’all are gonna jump all over this one.

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Check out more reviews by @boofbusters420 on Instagram! (

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