Strain Review: Passion Plum by Lumpy’s Flowers

Passion plum by lumpys

Lineage/Genetics: Reckless rainbow x apple fritter

Breeder/Grower: Lumpy’s Flowers

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Passion Plum Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

I’ve only had one opportunity to try anything from lumpys in the past and I was super impressed by the strain I did try cali berry. Lumpys is known for having gorgeous flower with lots of flavor. Unfortunately their also known for being pretty expensive. They previously put all their 8ths in heavy duty really nice jars so I’m hoping with the introduction of their bags, they will be able to lower the prices. For know let’s see if this boutique weed lives up to the hype.

Smell:8/10 well this wasn’t what I was expecting haha. Very funky berry smell that is overpowered by a sharp fritter smell. Reminded me a lot of the strain sherb banger. Just super funky with a little berry mix. Little bit earthy and spicy too. I honestly had a very hard time explaining this smell it’s one u have to smell for yourself. I personally wasn’t the biggest fan because of that apple fritter taste. That’s just not something I like but it was still very strong and a lot of people will.

Look:8.5/10 this is where this bud stands out the most. Medium sized nugs that are light and fluffy. Insanely dark purple buds with dark greens and orange hairs popping through. Buds were covered in trichs from top to bottom. Looked like it was wet, it had so many trichs. The buds were a tiny bit try but still had some stickiness to them and broke up really well. Not the best structure but overall very pretty buds. Takes after the reckless rainbow in so many ways but gets that wet greasy look from the fritter.

Smoke:8.5/10 I was very surprised by the smoke. I didn’t think I’d like it at first because of the smell. The taste was very similar. Musty berry smell that’s so funky it’s almost sour. It was a nice change to smoke something so different. At first I really enjoyed it but by the end of the blunt I was ready to put it out tho. Just not super enjoyable the whole way through. One thing I will say though is it was very strong. Nice body and head high that leaves u nice and relaxed with not a ache pain or worry in the world. Very clean ash. Leaked resin. I enjoyed smoking this for a little bit. loved this strain , and the prices out west are insanely low for the quality (as long as u get it from lumpys directly or at least verified rep I know out of dispensaries it’s still 60+ a 8th )back door u could get a half of the smalls for the same price but it’s definitely not something that I kept reaching for again and again.

Overall:8.3/10 this was a very pretty flower with an extremely unique smell and taste that will put you on ur ass. That being said it’s just not the kind of flavor that I really enjoy. Didn’t mind smoking it once but definitely not gonna go out my way to find it again or recommend it to anyone else. It was cool to look at and experience something different tho! Definitely want to try more from lumpys to see what else they can do

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