Strain Review: Midnight Znack by LA Traffic

Midnight znack by la traffic

Lineage/Genetics: Unknown

Breeder/Grower: LA Traffic

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Midnight Znack Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

You’ll probably be surprised to hear that I’ve never tried anything from LA traffic. They have a super heavy presence in nyc and have for the past couple years. I’ve heard nothing but great things especially about the zlushie strains. I haven’t seen this strain around the black market much and don’t know the genetics but I have heard good things from those that have tried it. Let’s see if it lives up to the hype.

Smell: 9/10 I was not expecting this one. I figured there was some z in there but it’s a really great combo of a cookies and zkittles smell. Has a pungent earthy but sweet cookie smell with a mouthwatering sharp candy zkittles taste. Very very nice mixture. I don’t know the cross at all but my best guess from the smell is those two crossed.

Look:9/10 wow what gorgeous nugs. Small to medium sized round balls covered in crystals. It was a very dark green with dark purples and blues throughout with gorgeous blazing orange hairs throughout. When u shined light on the bud it almost looked wet it was so drenched in trichomes. It had a perfect cure. Nice little crunch when u squeeze it but breaks apart in little super sticky chunks. If it weren’t for the smell I would for sure think this had some sherb or gelato in the genetics because of the color and greasy look. Either way this was some really impressive looking bud that I couldn’t keep my eyes off.

Smoke:9/10 oh yeah just what I expected. That cookie smell really came out in the taste and almost tasted like a biscotti strain. Nice spicy rich almost burnt cookie taste with that mouth watering z terp on the backend. Oh man did this taste good. Burnt so clean too. Very very white ash. Blunt was drenched in resin as I smoked it. It was a very strong relaxing high too. Very good for relaxing at the end of a rough work week. Amazing pain reliever and sleep aid. Great smooth smoke.

Overall:9/10 I was extremely impressed by this bud. Not only did it check off all the boxes, it was something different from what everyone else is putting out right now. Strong weed that has that great taste and burn everyone is looking for. It’s definitely not an all day any day bud but it definitely has its purposes. Great night time smoke that I will for sure grab again. Definitely suggest getting it if you get the chance. Can’t wait to try more from these guys!



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