Strain Review: Peach Frose by LA Traffic

Peach Frose (Genetics Unknown) from @la_traffic__ @zlushiegang via @fritz_philly

Lineage/Genetics: Unknown

Original Breeder: LA Traffic

Grower: LA Traffic

Dispensary: F.R.I.T.Z.

Peach Frose Strain Review

More selection here from LA Traffic and it has me excited to try it all out. The Peach Frose emitting a subtle peach scent as soon as I open the bag, along with a sharp gassy must that literally just reaks, I do not know how else to put it. The smell kind of reminded me of bleach, but with a bit of sweetness to it. Under all of this, as I exhaled I got a pungent tea like smoothness.

The Peach Frose was smoking well. Immediate taste was a sweet doughy badder with a tinge of peach sweetness. The sweetness reminded me of a jam or fruit preserves, but if they were sugar free/reduced in overall flavor. I also got good bits of that tea like taste, as well as some gas. Toward the end of my joint, the flavor started to become creamy and bold, which was a tasteful way to end it off.

I am glad I finally got to try the Peach Frose. It was one I had been checking out from them for a while, but could never acquire until recently. These buds looked excellent with a consistent structure between the nugs I received. Great trim job, nicely cured buds which broke down very easily and burned/rolled well. The effects from the Peach Frose were mellow at first, but crept on me after continuous use. I felt a nice balance of relaxation and productivity. Bits of euphoria which felt motivational, and not too much of a worn out feeling. Overall from LA Traffic I would prefer to grab any of the Zlushie phenos, zake, or any new strain from them next time. This was worth trying, but in terms of flavor/effect it was not completely up my alley.

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Check out more reviews by @bigwhiteash on Instagram and also the bigwhiteash website! (

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