Strain Review: Runtz from Terpanese

RUNTZ – Bacio Gelato x Zkittlez
cultivated by @sequence_extracts

Lineage/Genetics: Bacio Gelato x Zkittlez

Original Breeder: Unknown

Grower: Sequence Extracts

Club: Terpanese

Terpanese Runtz Strain Review

The small, dense and pebble like nuggets have been cultivated by professionals in the UK and have been immaculately trimmed giving this serious bag appeal at first glance. With contrasting mossy and forest green colours, just a few long twisted bronze pistils and a thick frosting of creamy, yellow and crystal-white, resinous trichomes this is some serious top shelf dank.

The sugary-sweet and aromatic flavour profile is in your face as soon as the jar is opened and the skittles is jumping out at me. Very sweet and candy like and the strong gassy undertone of the Bacio can be found with hint of the cookies in the background when the bud is ground. I honestly cant wait to fill a big bowl and smoke it and itd been a while since I got me some of them underrated UK terps.

Super Clean and rich in the bong and the flavour profile is super potent, sugary sweet and fruity. The flavours immersed my tastebuds instantly on the inhale and the gelato came through beautifully on the exhale and on my afterbreath like it should! Leaving me with delightful and potent, creamy, skittles flavours with the thick cookies afterbreaths for some time.

This was a wicked high as well as a really well defined and more-is flavour and made my body feel like it was shocked by sativa and my mind like it was numbed by indica. I have really enjoyed smoking on this one, its been a rare delight, the UK game is getting better and better and its good to see it.

Thanks to @terpanese_tnf and @sequence_extracts for this il be back for more no doubt!

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