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Strain Review: Sour Sage OG by Kush Company

@kushco818 Sour Sage OG Lineage/Genetics: Unknown Original Breeder: Unknown Grower: Kush Company Terpene Profile: Unknown

Sour Sage OG Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

sour sage og by kush co strain review by og kush lover The buds of Sour Sage OG have an exotic look, adorned with super shiny trichomes that catch the light. They are dense and sticky, leaving a residue on your fingers. The organic leafy appearance adds to its charm, giving it an authentic and natural appeal. When it comes to the aroma, Sour Sage OG is a treat for the senses. It combines lemon, pine, gas, sage, and a sweet pungent scent that immediately grabs your attention. The nose is met with a pleasant symphony of fragrances that truly showcase the strain’s complexity. Upon smoking, the flavor profile of Sour Sage OG shines through. The taste is a harmonious blend of lemon, pine, and a touch of sage, resulting in a satisfying and memorable experience. The smoke is smooth and enjoyable, making each inhale a pleasure. In terms of effects, Sour Sage OG delivers a classic OG high. It starts with a cerebral buzz that uplifts your mood and enhances creativity. Gradually, a soothing and relaxing body high takes over, allowing you to unwind and find tranquility. This makes it an excellent choice for both creative endeavors and unwinding after a long day. Overall, Sour Sage OG from KushCo is a strain that captivates both in appearance and aroma. Its exotic look, coupled with the classic OG vibe, makes it a standout choice. The combination of lemon, pine, and sage flavors, along with its well-balanced effects, ensures a memorable cannabis experience. If you’re seeking a strain that offers a unique and enjoyable ride, Sour Sage OG is definitely worth a try. sour sage og by kush co strain review by og kush lover 2 #soursageog #kushco #ogkush #420 #cannabiscommunity #californiabud #socalcannabis #sgvweed #sgvcannabis #painrelief #creativity #relaxation
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Check out more reviews by @ogkush_or_nah on Instagram! (

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