Strain Review: Sunset from Leafs by Snoop (LBS)

Picked up this beautiful Sunset preroll by Leafs by Snoop @lbsgold after work from @fireandflowerco today!

Sunset Strain Review

sunset strain by lbs gold strain review by thecoughingwalrusThis Sunset pre-roll weighed in at a whopping 1.2g. Sunset is an indica dominant hybrid strain coming in at 23% THC. Super relaxing high, perfect for after work, in my opinion.

Sunset from @lbsgold is honestly one of my favourite strains I have come across.

I smoked this beautiful preroll as bowls over the last couple days and I can tell you that I have been sleeping so well. Sunset sticks true to its name and helps the sun set on my day and allows me to get a very peaceful sleep.

Another awesome quality of this strain is that it triggers my appetite, which is definitely something I need help with.

I definitely recommend giving this beautiful strain a try!





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