Strain Review: Supreme Cream by Cannabiotix

Supreme Cream💨

Lineage/Genetics: Super Glue x Purple Jellato

Original Breeder: Dungeons Vault Genetics

Grower: Cannabiotix @cannabiotix

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Supreme Cream Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

supreme cream by cannabiotix strain review by wl_official619NOSE: An elegant & inviting nose consisting of citrus creamsicle and earthy cake 👃🏼

DRY PULL: Sweet cream foam with a cake terp finish on the lips, tastes great (& complex)💨

STRUCTURE: Blocks of naturally compact Christmas green colored nugs aligned on brittle stems. Nugs have an over abundance tinted trich layer ❄️ blooming colas with coated sugar leaf and vibrant orange hairs scattered. Noticeable clean and structured bag appeal that really defines itself in its bigger sized nugs🌲

TASTE PROFILE: fresh baguette & citrus custard come through that is finished off with an earthy & rubbery terp aperitif taste profile. Some developing melon in between hits which was very tasty and intriguing because the flavor continued to develop. Complex smooth inhale with a heavy but relaxing exhale 💨

EFFECTS/DURATION: Instant euphoric melting mental state that is accompanied by a relaxed focus. Schmedium body effect, more intoxicating mentally at peak high. Relaxed muscle movement and content behavior. Fluid motions with visual jolting effect. Dry mouth and munchie effect. 40+ min PEAK high🍃

GRADE: 9/10🏅

WBA ⭐️

I really like this strain for three reasons:
1) Innovative taste profile in todays market🔥
2) Developing flavor throughout sesh
3) The potential this flower has📈
I will grab next run to really gauge the intention and dial in more on its taste profile. 2nd review worthy 💯🔥

I care about what YOU smoke‼️ Let me know what your rollin up!!


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Check out more reviews by @wl_official619 on Instagram! (

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